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Latest global 'Willingness to be Vaccinated' survey from YouGov shows a major increase in the willingness of individuals to get vaccinated in almost all countries the survey covers, boosted by the proven efficacy of most vaccines produced worldwide. The numbers below show the change in willingness to be vaccinated against COVID-19 from November/December 2020 to July 2021:

  • Willingness to take COVID-19 vaccine, and percentage change since YouGov first asked: United Arab Emirates: 94% (+31), United Kingdom: 93% (+20), India: 93% (+24), Saudi Arabia: 92% (+50), Spain: 92% (+39), Singapore: 91% (+37), Malaysia: 90% (+26), Italy: 85% (+33), Philippines: 82% (+30), Indonesia: 82% (+22), Germany: 80% (+29), France: 80% (+48), Australia: 78% (+14), Taiwan: 73% (+31), United States: 71% (+29), Thailand: 70% (-11), Hong Kong: 61% (+10).
  • As is to be expected, those countries with the highest willingness are those that have either had a rapid vaccine rollout, experienced significant waves of infection, or both. The significant increase in support for vaccines among previously vaccine-hesitant nations such as France, Taiwan, and Germany comes in contrast to the outlier, Thailand, where vaccine willingness has fallen as the use of China's less-effective Sinovac vaccine has seen public confidence in jabs fall. The use of the British-developed Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for second doses announced in mid-July by the Thai gov't could see confidence begin to return.