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  • Washington & Berlin come to an agreement on Nord Stream 2 with an announcement due today.
    • US State Dept Spox Ned price said the US suspended sanctions against the pipeline because it could hardly prevent the project's completion.
    • Noted that Biden couldn't have been clearer in his opposition to the pipeline.
    • The agreement is expected to propose German sanctions on Moscow, should the pipeline be used to put pressure on Ukraine with the current agreement expiring in 2024
  • German authorities looking to ink a 10-year extension of agreements on the transit of gas from Russia through Ukraine. Germany will appoint a special envoy whose task will be to develop bilateral projects with Ukraine in the energy sector.
    • This official will be provided with a $ 70 million fund to carry out such tasks
  • US National Security Adviser Sullivan, during a meeting leader of the Belarusian opposition Tikhanovskaya, promised to impose sanctions against the current authorities.
    • "The US, together with its partners and allies, will continue to hold the Lukashenka regime accountable for its actions, including by imposing sanctions." Also called for an international investigation into the Ryanair incident
  • British Air Force Chief of Staff says armed forces will begin exercises to disperse aircraft in connection with the alleged threat from advanced Russian cruise missiles. Notes the movement of modern weapons to Kaliningrad would be "a step up the escalation ladder."