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CHF LIBOR FIX - 21-10-2021


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(Z9) Higher Within Its Bear....>

US 10YR FUTURE TECHS: (Z9) Higher Within Its Bear Channel
*RES 4: 129-24 Trendline resistance drawn off Oct 8 high
*RES 3: 129-22 50-Day EMA
*RES 2: 129-12 High Nov 7
*RES 1: 129-05+ Intraday high
*PRICE: 129-02+ @ 11:42 GMT, Nov 14
*SUP 1: 128-04+ Low Nov 12
*SUP 2: 127-31+ Low Nov 7 and bear trigger
*SUP 3: 127-24+ Projected bear channel base drawn off Sep 3 high
*SUP 4: 127-06+ 1.236 progression of Sep 3 - Sep 13 decline from Oct 4 high
10yr futures continue to recover as prices correct last weeks sell-off. The
focus is on resistance at 129-12, Nov 7 high and 129-24, channel resistance
drawn off the Oct 8 high. Clearance of this resistance zone is needed to suggest
scope for a stronger recovery that would open 130-15+, Nov 1 high. For now the
move higher is being viewed as a correction with initial support at 128-04+. The
bear trigger for a resumption of weakness is 127-31+.