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EUROZONE DATA: EMU February Industrial Producer Prices +0.1% m/m; +1.6% y/y
Industrial producer prices in the euro area (EA19) rose by 0.1% in February,
down 0.3pp from January, data from Eurostat showed Thursday. The 0.1% rise was
attributed to a 0.3% m/m rise in intermediate goods and 0.1% m/m rises in both
capital goods and durable consumer goods. Prices of non-durable goods, on the
other hand, were down 0.1% on the month while prices across the energy sector
slipped 0.8% m/m. On the year, producer prices were up 1.6% across the EA19.
This was due to rises of 2.4% y/y in intermediate goods, 2.0% y/y in the energy
sector, 1.0% y/y in both capital goods and durable consumer goods and a 0.9% y/y
rise in non-durable consumer goods. The 1.6% y/y outturn was unchanged from
January and down from a local peak of 2.9% in September, suggesting easing
pipeline inflation pressures.