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Global News and Data Calendar

Repeats Story Initially Transmitted at 21:01 GMT Aug 31/17:01 EST Aug 31
--Rating: *** most market sensitive, * least market sensitive
     Date    GMT /Local          Event
01-Sep      -      ***  US  domestic made vehicle sales
01-Sep  0145/0945  ***  CN  Caixin Manufacturing PMI
01-Sep  0630/1630  *    AU  RBA index of commodity prices
01-Sep  0715/0915  **   CH  retail sales
01-Sep  0715/0315  **   ES  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
01-Sep  0745/0945  **   IT  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
01-Sep  0750/0950  **   FR  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
01-Sep  0755/0955  **   DE  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
01-Sep  0800/1000  ***  IT  GDP (f)
01-Sep  0800/1000  **   EU  Markit Manufacturing PMI (f)
01-Sep  0830/0930  **   UK  Markit/CIPS Manufacturing PMI
01-Sep  0915/1115       EU  ECB Vice-President Vitor Constancio speech at 43rd
                              edition of "Intelligence on the World, Europe and
                              Italy" Forum, in Cernobbio, Italy.
01-Sep  1230/0830  ***  US  Employment Report
01-Sep  1345/0945  ***  US  Markit Manufacturing Index (final)
01-Sep  1400/1000  ***  US  ISM Manufacturing Index
01-Sep  1400/1000  *    US  construction spending
01-Sep  1400/1000  ***  US  Final Michigan Sentiment Index
01-Sep  1500/1100  **   US  St. Louis Fed Real GDP Nowcast
01-Sep  1515/1115  **   US  NY Fed GDP Nowcast
04-Sep      -      *    DE  car registrations
04-Sep  0130/1130  ***  AU  Quarterly business indicators
04-Sep  0130/1130  **   AU  ANZ monthly job ads survey
04-Sep  0145/0945  **   CN  Caixin Service PMI
04-Sep  0600/0800  *    DE  wholesale sales
04-Sep  0700/0300  *    ES  unemployment
04-Sep  0830/0930  **   UK  Markit/CIPS Construction PMI
04-Sep  0900/1100  **   EU  PPI
05-Sep      -           AU  RBA Governor Lowe speaks at board dinner, Brisbane
05-Sep  2301/0001  *    UK  BRC-KPMG Shop Sales Monitor
05-Sep  2330/0930  **   AU  AI Group services index
05-Sep  2330/0930  **   AU  ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence
05-Sep  0130/1130  ***  AU  Quarterly balance of payments
05-Sep  0430/1430  ***  AU  RBA monthly cash rate decision
05-Sep  0545/0745  ***  CH  GDP
05-Sep  0715/0915  ***  CH  CPI
05-Sep  0715/0315  **   ES  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Sep  0745/0945  **   IT  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Sep  0750/0950  **   FR  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Sep  0755/0955  **   DE  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Sep  0800/1000  **   EU  Markit Services PMI (f)
05-Sep  0830/0930  **   UK  Markit/CIPS Services PMI
05-Sep  0900/1000       UK  UK Parliament resits after summer recess
05-Sep  0900/1100  **   EU  retail sales
05-Sep  1200/0800       US  Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard to speak at
                              the Economic Club of New York in New York City.
05-Sep  1345/0945  *    US  ISM-NY Manufacturing Index
05-Sep  1400/1000  **   US  factory new orders
05-Sep  1400/1000  **   US  IBD/TIPP Optimism Index
05-Sep  1400/1000  *    US  employment trends index
05-Sep  1710/1310       US  Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel
                              Kashkari to speak at  a moderated Q&A at the 1st
                              Tuesday Speaker Series at Carlson School of
                              Management in Minneapolis, with audience Q&A.
05-Sep  2300/1900       US  Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Rob Kaplan
                              to participate in a moderated Q&A session in
                              Dallas, with audience and media Q&A.
06-Sep  0000/0900  **   JP  average wages (p)
06-Sep  0130/1130  ***  AU  Quarterly GDP
06-Sep  0230/1230       AU  RBA head of economic analysis dept head Heath
                              speaks at Economic Society of Australia event in
                              Tasmania. Also Q&A
06-Sep  0600/0800  **   DE  manufacturing orders
06-Sep  0755/0955       EU  ECB Supervisory Borad chair Daniele Nouy speech at
                              the 22nd Handelsblatt annual meeting, in
06-Sep  0800/1000  *    IT  retail sales
06-Sep  1100/0700  **   US  MBA weekly applications index
06-Sep  1100/1200       UK  Weekly questions to the Prime Minister
06-Sep  1230/0830  **   US  trade balance
06-Sep  1230/0830  **   CA  International Merchandise Trade (Trade Balance)
06-Sep  1230/0830  *    CA  Building Permits
06-Sep  1255/0855  **   US  Redbook Retail Sales Index
06-Sep  1345/0945  ***  US  Markit Services Index (final)
06-Sep  1400/1000  ***  CA  Interest Rate Announcement Bank of Canada
06-Sep  1400/1000  ***  US  ISM Non-Manufacturing Index
06-Sep  1400/1000  *    US  QCEW
06-Sep  1800/1400       US  Federal Reserve releases the Beige Book for
                              upcoming FOMC meeting in Washington.
06-Sep  1900/1500  *    US  Treasury STRIPS
07-Sep      -      ***  CN  FX Reserves
07-Sep  2330/0930  **   AU  AI Group/HIA construction index
07-Sep  0130/1130  ***  AU  Trade balance
07-Sep  0130/1130  ***  AU  Retail trade monthly
07-Sep  0600/0800  **   DE  industrial production
07-Sep  0645/0845  *    FR  foreign trade
07-Sep  0645/0845  *    FR  current account
07-Sep  0730/0830  *    UK  Halifax House Price Index
07-Sep  0730/0930       SE  Riksbank Policy Decision
07-Sep  0900/1000  *    UK  Halifax House Price Index
07-Sep  0900/1100  ***  EU  GDP (2nd est.)
07-Sep  1000/1200  *    EU  OECD Leading Indicator
07-Sep  1230/0830  **   US  Jobless Claims
07-Sep  1230/0830  **   US  Non-Farm Productivity (f)
07-Sep  1230/0830  *    CA  Building Permits
07-Sep  1345/0945  *    US  Bloomberg Comfort Index
07-Sep  1400/1000  *    US  Services Revenues
07-Sep  1400/1000  **   CA  Ivey PMI
07-Sep  1430/1030  **   US  Natural Gas Stocks
07-Sep  1500/1100  **   US  DOE weekly crude oil stocks
07-Sep  1615/1215       US  Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta
                              Mester to speak about economic outlook and
                              monetary policy at an event held by the Economic
                              Club of Pittsburgh, World Affairs Council of
                              Pittsburgh, CFA Society Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh
                              Association for Financial Professionals in
                              Pittsburgh, with audience and media Q&A.
07-Sep  2030/1630  **   US  Fed Weekly Money Supply Data
07-Sep  2300/1900       US  New York Federal Reserve Bank President William
                              Dudley to speak on The U.S. Economic Outlook and
                              the Implications for Monetary Policy at Money
                              Marketeers in New York, with audience Q&A.
07-Sep  2300/1900       US  Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael
                              Bostic to participate in a moderated discussion on
                              his views on the economy at An Evening with
                              Raphael Bostic in Atlanta.
07-Sep  0015/2015       US  Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther
                              George to discuss the U.S. economic outlook at the
                              Omaha Economic Forum in Omaha, with audience Q&A.
08-Sep      -      ***  CN  Trade
08-Sep  2350/0850  **   JP  GDP (r)
08-Sep  0130/1130  ***  AU  Housing finance
08-Sep  0230/1230       AU  RBA deputy governor Debelle participates in panel
                              discussion at 2017 FINSIA Regulators Panel in
                              Sydney. Also Q&A
08-Sep  0545/0745  **   CH  unemployment
08-Sep  0600/0800  *    DE  labour costs
08-Sep  0600/0800  **   DE  trade balance
08-Sep  0645/0845  *    FR  industrial production
08-Sep  0700/0300  **   ES  industrial production
08-Sep  0830/0930  ***  UK  Index of Production
08-Sep  0830/0930  **   UK  Output in the Construction Industry
08-Sep  0830/0930  **   UK  Trade Balance
08-Sep  0830/1830       AU  RBA governor Lowe speaks at Bank of China Sydney
                              Branch's 75th Anniversary Celebration Dinner in
08-Sep  1230/0830  ***  CA  Labour Force Survey
08-Sep  1230/0830  **   CA  Capacity Utilization
08-Sep  1245/0845       US  Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President
                              Patrick Harker to speak on Consumer Finance Issues
                              at New Perspectives on Consumer Behavior in Credit
                              and Payments Markets Conference in Philadelphia.
08-Sep  1400/1000  **   US  wholesale trade
08-Sep  1500/1100  **   US  St. Louis Fed Real GDP Nowcast
08-Sep  1515/1115  **   US  NY Fed GDP Nowcast
08-Sep  1900/1500  *    US  Consumer Credit
08-Sep  1900/1500  *    US  Treasury Allotments (final)
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