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Swedish Prime Minister-designate Magdalena Andersson has resigned, just hours after her confirmatory vote in parliament. As noted earlier (see 1600GMT bullet) the withdrawal of the environmentalist Greens from the minority coalition with Andersson's centre-left Social Democrats will require another confirmatory vote for the Andersson in the Riksdag.

  • Andersson could become PM again if all MPs from Greens, Left Party, Centre Party and the one independent abstain on the vote rather than voting against her confirmation.
  • An election will be held on 11 September 2022, regardless of whether the Andersson confirmatory vote succeeds or fails. This could reduce the prospect of a snap election as a new gov't would only have a few months in office before having to return to the polls.
Chart 1. Swedish Riksdag, Seats

Source: Riksdag, MNI