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US TSY FLOWS: Tsy futures trading steady/mixed, curve mildly flatter with short
end underperforming. Levels near middle overnight range, decent volume in
TYZ>500k, 10Y yld holding around 2.456%. Equities firmer (emini +6.00, 2567.50),
gold little weaker (-0.77, 1266.20), oil weaker as well (WTI -0.09, 52.55).
Overnight repo in 5s, old 2s and 3s.
- Asia, Tsys opened mildly softer/in-line w/NY close, holding narrow range for
much of the session save for a brief spike about 3 hours into the session
(unknown driver) before falling just as quickly back to lower range into London
open. Two-way flow included some short cover/position squaring ahead weekend,
fast$ and macro fund sales, small buying 30s.
- London, held softer levels until around midmorning, trailed improvement in
Bunds, Spain/Catalan tension lending to risk off bid. Flow included UK asset
manager buying 5s and 10s, fast$ sold 10s.
- Swaps, spds running mildly tighter for the most part, spd curve steeper, light
flow includes receiving in 5s and 10s.
- Eurodollars, steady in wings, Reds-Blues (EDZ8-EDU1) softer, modest volume.
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