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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson answering questions in the House of Commons on the AUKUS alliance announced alongside US President Biden and Australian PM Morrison last night.

  • Johnson voices confidence in Australia having nuclear subs: "'Only 6 nations possess nuclear powered submarines and to help another country join this tiny circle is a decision of the utmost gravity...I have no hesitation about trusting Australia....Today the UK and Australia defend the same interests, promote the same values, and face the same threats...Australia, the UK and the US will become inseparable partners in a project that will last for decades"
  • Johnson on AUKUS' stance towards China: "'AUKUS is not intended to be adversarial to any power"
  • PM answering question from opposition leader on Franco-British relations: "He rightly raises the question of our relationship with France. [It is] Rock-solid and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the French, whether in the Sahel... or in Estonia where we have the largest NATO operation'
  • Johnson says that there is 'no risk' of Australia seeking nuclear weapons in the future.
  • Answering Q from former PM Theresa May asking what the deal means for UK if China invaded Taiwan, Johnson responds "'The UK remains determined to defend international is the strong advice we'd give to the government in Beijing"
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