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EZ/UK Bond Supply Calendar: Belgium ORI auction due Friday

Below are the known dates for auctions of European bonds and UK gilts. All times are UK.

See the notes section at the bottom for more colour.

04-Aug-231100BelgiumUp to E0.5bln3.00% Jun-34 OLORe-open
04-Aug-231100BelgiumShared2.15% Jun-66 OLORe-open
07-Aug-231445UKGBP790mlnLong APF Sales (20y+)
08-Aug-231000AustriaE1.495bln0.75% Feb-28 RAGBRe-open
08-Aug-231000AustriaShared2.90% Feb-33 RAGBRe-open
08-Aug-231000UKGBP900mln0.125% Mar-39 linkerRe-open
08-Aug-231030GermanyE4bln2.40% Oct-28 BoblRe-open
09-Aug-231000UKGBP3.5bln3.25% Jan-33 GiltRe-open
09-Aug-231030GermanyE5bln2.60% Aug-33 BundRe-open
09-Aug-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 4-Aug
14-Aug-231445UKGBP790mlnShort APF Sales (3y-7y)
15-Aug-231000UKTBA 8-Aug1.125% Jan-39 GiltRe-open
15-Aug-231030GermanyE5.5bln3.10% Sep-25 SchatzRe-open
16-Aug-231030GermanyE1.5bln0% Aug-52 BundRe-open
16-Aug-231030GermanyE1bln30-year BundTBA 8-Aug
17-Aug-230950FranceTBA 11-AugMT OATsTBA 11-Aug
17-Aug-231050FranceTBA 11-AugIL OATsTBA 11-Aug
17-Aug-231100FinlandTBA 16-AugORI FacilityTBA 16-Aug
21-Aug-231100BelgiumTBA 18-AugConventional auctionTBA 15-Aug
21-Aug-231445UKGBP790mlnMedium APF Sales (7y-20y)
22-Aug-231000UKTBA 15-Aug0.75% Nov-33 linkerRe-open
23-Aug-231030GermanyE3bln2.40% Nov-30 BundRe-open
23-Aug-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 18-Aug
25-Aug-231000ItalyTBA 22-AugBTP Short TermTBA 22-Aug
28-Aug-231030EUTBA 23-AugEU-bond auctionTBA 23-Aug
29-Aug-231030GermanyE4bln2.40% Oct-28 BoblRe-open
30-Aug-231000ItalyTBA 25-Aug5-year BTPTBA 25-Aug
30-Aug-231000ItalyTBA 25-Aug10-year BTPTBA 25-Aug
30-Aug-231000ItalyTBA 25-AugCCTeuTBA 25-Aug
30-Aug-231030GermanyTBA 25-AugGreen auctionTBA 25-Aug
01-Sep-231100BelgiumTBA 31-AugORI FacilityTBA 31-Aug
05-Sep-231000AustriaTBA 31-AugRAGBTBA 31-Aug
05-Sep-231030GermanyTBA 31-AugIndex-linked BundTBA 31-Aug
06-Sep-231000UKTBA 30-Aug4.50% Jun-28 GiltRe-open
06-Sep-231030GermanyE5bln2.60% Aug-33 BundRe-open
06-Sep-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 1-Sep
07-Sep-230930SpainTBA 4-SepBono/OlbiTBA 1-Sep
07-Sep-230930SpainTBA 4-SepObliEiTBA 1-Sep
07-Sep-230950FranceTBA 1-SepLT OATsTBA 1-Sep
11-Sep-231445UKGBP790mlnShort APF Sales (3y-7y)
W/C 11-Sep----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
12-Sep-230900NetherlandsTBA 6-SepExisting DSL auctionTBA 6-Sep
12-Sep-231000UKTBA 5-Sep0.125% Mar-51 linkerRe-open
12-Sep-231030GermanyE5.5bln3.10% Sep-25 SchatzRe-open
13-Sep-231000ItalyTBA 8-Sep3-year BTPTBA 8-Sep
13-Sep-231000ItalyTBA 8-Sep7-year BTPTBA 8-Sep
13-Sep-231000ItalyTBA 8-Sep15-50-year BTPTBA 8-Sep
13-Sep-231000UKTBA 6-Sep3.25% Jan-33 GiltRe-open
13-Sep-231030GermanyE1.5bln1.80% Aug-53 BundRe-open
13-Sep-231030GermanyE1bln15/30-year BundTBA 5-Sep
14-Sep-231000IrelandTBA 11-SepIGBTBA 11-Sep
18-Sep-231000SlovakiaTBASlovGBTBA 11-Sep
18-Sep-231100BelgiumTBA 15-SepConventional auctionTBA 12-Sep
18-Sep-231445UKGBP790mlnMedium APF Sales (7y-20y)
19-Sep-231000UKTBA 12-Sep3.75% Oct-53 GiltRe-open
19-Sep-231100FinlandE1.0-1.5blnRFGBTBA 15-Sep
20-Sep-231000GreeceTBA 19-SepGGBTBA 19-Sep
20-Sep-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 15-Sep
21-Sep-230930SpainTBA 18-SepBono/OlbiTBA 15-Sep
21-Sep-230950FranceTBA 15-SepMT OATsTBA 15-Sep
21-Sep-231050FranceTBA 15-SepIL OATsTBA 15-Sep
25-Sep-231030EUTBA 20-SepEU-bond auctionTBA 20-Sep
25-Sep-231445UKGBP790mlnLong APF Sales (20y+)
26-Sep-230900NetherlandsE1.5-2.5bln2.50% Jul-33 DSLRe-open
26-Sep-231000ItalyTBA 21-SepBTP Short TermTBA 21-Sep
26-Sep-231000ItalyTBA 21-SepBTPeiTBA 21-Sep
26-Sep-231000UKTBA 19-Sep0.875% Jul-33 Green GiltRe-open
26-Sep-231030GermanyE4bln2.40% Oct-28 BoblRe-open
27-Sep-231030GermanyE4bln2.60% Aug-33 BundRe-open
28-Sep-231000ItalyTBA 25-Sep5-year BTPTBA 25-Sep
28-Sep-231000ItalyTBA 25-Sep10-year BTPTBA 25-Sep
28-Sep-231000ItalyTBA 25-SepCCTeuTBA 25-Sep
03-Oct-231000AustriaTBA 28-SepRAGBTBA 28-Sep
03-Oct-231000UKTBAConventional auction
04-Oct-231000UKTBAConventional auction
04-Oct-231030GermanyE3bln2.40% Nov-30 BundRe-open
05-Oct-230930SpainTBA 2-OctBono/OlbiTBA 29-Sep
05-Oct-230930SpainTBA 2-OctObliEiTBA 29-Sep
05-Oct-230950FranceTBA 29-SepLT OATsTBA 29-Sep
W/C 9-Oct----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
10-Oct-230900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auction
10-Oct-231000UKTBAI/L gilt
10-Oct-231030GermanyTBA 5-OctIndex-linked BundTBA 5-Oct
11-Oct-231000UKTBAConventional auction
11-Oct-231030GermanyE1.5bln30-year BundTBA 3-Oct
11-Oct-231030GermanyE1bln30-year BundTBA 3-Oct
11-Oct-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 6-Oct
12-Oct-231000ItalyTBA 9-Oct3-year BTPTBA 9-Oct
12-Oct-231000ItalyTBA 9-Oct7-year BTPTBA 9-Oct
12-Oct-231000ItalyTBA 9-Oct15-50-year BTPTBA 9-Oct
16-Oct-231000SlovakiaTBASlovGBTBA 9-Oct
17-Oct-231000UKTBAConventional auction
17-Oct-231030GermanyE6blnDec-25 SchatzNew
18-Oct-231000GreeceTBA 17-OctGGBTBA 17-Oct
18-Oct-231030GermanyE5bln2.60% Aug-33 BundRe-open
19-Oct-230930SpainTBA 16-OctBono/OlbiTBA 13-Oct
19-Oct-230950FranceTBA 13-OctMT OATsTBA 13-Oct
19-Oct-231050FranceTBA 13-OctIL OATsTBA 13-Oct
23-Oct-231030EUTBA 18-OctEU-bond auctionTBA 18-Oct
23-Oct-231100BelgiumTBA 20-OctConventional auctionTBA 17-Oct
24-Oct-230900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auction
24-Oct-231000UKTBAI/L gilt
24-Oct-231030GermanyE4bln2.40% Oct-28 BoblRe-open
25-Oct-231000ItalyTBA 20-OctBTP Short TermTBA 20-Oct
25-Oct-231000ItalyTBA 20-OctBTPeiTBA 20-Oct
25-Oct-231000UKTBAConventional auction
25-Oct-231030GermanyE1.5blnOn-the-run 15y BundTBA 17-Oct
25-Oct-231030GermanyE1bln15-year BundTBA 17-Oct
25-Oct-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 20-Oct
26-Oct-231100FinlandTBA 25-OctORI FacilityTBA 25-Oct
31-Oct-231000ItalyTBA 26-Oct5-year BTPTBA 26-Oct
31-Oct-231000ItalyTBA 26-Oct10-year BTPTBA 26-Oct
31-Oct-231000ItalyTBA 26-OctCCTeuTBA 26-Oct
31-Oct-231030GermanyTBA 26-OctGreen auctionTBA 26-Oct
01-Nov-231000UKTBAConventional auction
01-Nov-231030GermanyE3bln2.40% Nov-30 BundRe-open
02-Nov-230930SpainTBA 30-OctBono/OlbiTBA 27-Oct
02-Nov-230930SpainTBA 30-OctObliEiTBA 27-Oct
02-Nov-230950FranceTBA 27-OctLT OATsTBA 27-Oct
03-Nov-231100BelgiumTBA 2-NovORI FacilityTBA 2-Nov
07-Nov-231000AustriaTBA 2-NovRAGBTBA 2-Nov
07-Nov-231000UKTBAConventional auction
07-Nov-231030GermanyTBA 2-NovIndex-linked BundTBA 2-Nov
08-Nov-231030GermanyE4bln2.60% Aug-33 BundRe-open
08-Nov-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 3-Nov
10-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 7-Nov3-year BTPTBA 7-Nov
10-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 7-Nov7-year BTPTBA 7-Nov
10-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 7-Nov15-50-year BTPTBA 7-Nov
W/C 13-Nov----EUTBAEU-bond syndication
14-Nov-230900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auction
14-Nov-231030GermanyE5.5blnDec-25 SchatzRe-open
15-Nov-231000GreeceTBA 14-NovGGBTBA 14-Nov
15-Nov-231030GermanyE1bln30-year BundTBA 7-Nov
15-Nov-231030GermanyE1bln30-year BundTBA 7-Nov
16-Nov-230930SpainTBA 13-NovBono/OlbiTBA 10-Nov
16-Nov-230950FranceTBA 10-NovMT OATsTBA 10-Nov
16-Nov-231050FranceTBA 10-NovIL OATsTBA 10-Nov
20-Nov-231000SlovakiaTBASlovGBTBA 13-Nov
20-Nov-231100BelgiumTBA 17-NovConventional auctionTBA 14-Nov
21-Nov-231000UKTBAI/L gilt
21-Nov-231030GermanyE4bln2.40% Oct-28 BoblRe-open
22-Nov-231030GermanyE1blnOn-the-run 15y BundTBA 14-Nov
22-Nov-231030GermanyE1bln15-year BundTBA 14-Nov
22-Nov-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 17-Nov
24-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 21-NovBTP Short TermTBA 21-Nov
24-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 21-NovBTPeiTBA 21-Nov
27-Nov-231030EUTBA 22-NovEU-bond auctionTBA 22-Nov
28-Nov-230900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auction
28-Nov-231000UKTBAConventional auction
29-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 24-Nov5-year BTPTBA 24-Nov
29-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 24-Nov10-year BTPTBA 24-Nov
29-Nov-231000ItalyTBA 24-NovCCTeuTBA 24-Nov
29-Nov-231000UKTBAConventional auction
29-Nov-231030GermanyE4bln2.60% Aug-33 BundRe-open
05-Dec-231000UKTBAI/L gilt
05-Dec-231030GermanyE5blnDec-25 SchatzRe-open
06-Dec-231000UKTBAConventional auction
06-Dec-231030GermanyE3bln2.40% Nov-30 BundRe-open
07-Dec-230930SpainTBA 4-DecBono/OlbiTBA 1-Dec
07-Dec-230930SpainTBA 4-DecObliEiTBA 1-Dec
07-Dec-230950FranceTBA 1-DecLT OATsTBA 1-Dec
07-Dec-231100FinlandTBA 6-DecORI FacilityTBA 6-Dec
12-Dec-230900NetherlandsTBAPotential DSL auction
12-Dec-231000AustriaTBA 7-DecRAGB Reserve dateTBA 7-Dec
12-Dec-231000UKTBAConventional auction
13-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 7-Dec3-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 7-Dec7-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 7-Dec15-50-year BTPTBA 7-Dec
13-Dec-231030PortugalTBAPotential OT auctionTBA 8-Dec
14-Dec-230930SpainTBA 11-DecBono/OlbiTBA 8-Dec
15-Dec-231100BelgiumTBA 14-DecORI FacilityTBA 14-Dec
27-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 20-DecBTP Short TermTBA 20-Dec
28-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 21-Dec5-year BTPTBA 21-Dec
28-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 21-Dec10-year BTPTBA 21-Dec
28-Dec-231000ItalyTBA 21-DecCCTeuTBA 21-Dec
04-Jan-240930SpainTBA 1-JanBono/OlbiTBA 29-Dec
04-Jan-240930SpainTBA 1-JanObliEiTBA 29-Dec
04-Jan-241000UKTBAConventional auction
09-Jan-241000UKTBAConventional auction
10-Jan-241000UKTBAConventional auction
11-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 8-Jan3-year BTPTBA 8-Jan
11-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 8-Jan7-year BTPTBA 8-Jan
11-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 8-Jan15-50-year BTPTBA 8-Jan
16-Jan-241000UKTBAConventional auction
18-Jan-240930SpainTBA 15-JanBono/OlbiTBA 12-Jan
23-Jan-241000UKTBAConventional auction
24-Jan-241000UKTBAConventional auction
25-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 22-JanBTP Short TermTBA 22-Jan
25-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 22-JanBTPeiTBA 22-Jan
30-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 25-Jan5-year BTPTBA 25-Jan
30-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 25-Jan10-year BTPTBA 25-Jan
30-Jan-241000ItalyTBA 25-JanCCTeuTBA 25-Jan
06-Feb-241000UKTBAConventional auction
07-Feb-241000UKTBAConventional auction
13-Feb-241000UKTBAI/L gilt
14-Feb-241000UKTBAConventional auction
20-Feb-241000UKTBAConventional auction
21-Feb-241000UKTBAConventional auction
27-Feb-241000UKTBAI/L gilt
28-Feb-241000UKTBAConventional auction
06-Mar-241000UKTBAConventional auction
12-Mar-241000UKTBAI/L gilt
13-Mar-241000UKTBAConventional auction
19-Mar-241000UKTBAConventional auction
  • Cancelled auctions:
    • Italy has announced that it will not hold its MT/LT BTP auctions on 11 August or the BTPei auction on 25 August.
    • Spain has announced that it will not hold its Bono/Obli auction on 17 August.
    • Slovakia has announced that it will not use its reserve auction on 21 August.
  • Austria plans to hold 3 to 4 RAGB syndications in 2023. It launched the held its first on 4 January (10-year 2.90% Feb-33 RAGB) and on 18 April held a dual-tranche to launch the 2.90% May-29 Green RAGB and the 30-year 3.15% Oct-53 RAGB.
  • Belgium has held its three planned new OLOs syndications for 2023: it launched the 10-year 3.00% Jun-33 OLO on 10 January, the 30-year 3.30% Jun-54 OLO on 15 February and the 20-year 3.45% Jun-43 OLO on 16 May.
  • The EFSF plans to issue E20bln in 2023 while the ESM plans to issue E8bln in 2023. As in 2022, it will not publish planned issuance windows.
  • Finland plans to launch three new bonds via syndication in 2023 and has already launched the 3.00% Sep-33 RFGB on 26 April and the 2.75% Apr-38 RFGB on 26 January. It plans to issue a 5-year RFGB in H2.
  • France planned 2023 new issues: one new 3-year OAT (2.50% Sep-26 OAT launched on 16 February), one new 5/6-year OAT (2.75% Feb-29 OAT launched on 20 April), two new 10-year OATs via auction (the first the 3.00% May-33 OAT launched on 6 April), new 30-year OAT via syndication (3.00% May-54 OAT launched 7 February), 15-20-year OATi (0.55% Mar-39 OATi launched on 7 June) and one new 10-year OATei (0.60% Jul-34 launched on 20 June).
  • Germany plans to hold a total of four syndications in 2023. It has already tapped the 1.80% Aug-53 Bund on 23 February, launched the 10-year 2.30% Feb-33 Green Bund on 25 April and launched the 30-year 1.80% Aug-53 Green Bund on 13 June. It plans one further non-green transaction.
  • Greece plans to issue its inaugural Green GGB in H2-2023.
  • Ireland only planned to hold at least one syndication in 2023 and it has already launched the 20-year 3.00% Oct-43 Green IGB on 5 January.
  • Italy Q3 issuance plans:
    • BTP Short-Term: Reopen 3.40% Mar-25 BTP Short Term (minimum E9bln outstanding already exceeded) and launch new BTP Short Term maturing 29 September 2025 (minimum E9bln outstanding).
    • 3-year BTP: Launch new 3.85% Sep-26 on 13 July (minimum E9bln outstanding).
    • 5-year BTP: Reopen 3.80% Aug-28 BTP (minimum outstanding E10bln may be exceeded after end-of-June auction).
    • 7-year BTP: Reopen 3.70% Jun-30 BTP (minimum outstanding E10bln already exceeded) and launch new 7-year BTP with maturity 15 November 2030 (minimum outstanding E10bln to be exceeded after end-of-June auction).
    • 10-year BTP: Reopen 4.35% Nov-33 BTP (minimum outstanding E10bln) and launch new 10-year BTP with maturity 1 March 2034 (minimum outstanding E10bln).
  • Slovakia's investor presentation ahead of the June syndication noted it expected to raise E4.0-5.0bln through syndications. This has already been exceeded with a total of E5.5bln raised through the launch of the 12-year 3.75% Feb-35 SlovGB and the 20-year 4.00% Feb-43 SlovGB in a dual-tranche transaction on 15 February and the 10-year 3.625% Jun-33 SlovGB on 1 June.
  • The UK DMO will hold its consultation meetings with investors and GEMMs to discuss FQ3 (July to September) issuance operations on 29 August.

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